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It is too unpleasant to have five advertisements per trip; they stop the game and when the trip continues, the accelerator is automatic (accelerates by itself), the steering wheel is uncontrolled; you have to put the station back on, and you begin to notice a number of glitches and the track disappears, causing the trailer to fall down an abyss and requiring you to restart the game. I do not ask that there be a total nullity of ads, only that the essential ones appear.

I love the game, it has very realistic graphics, the different weather seasons…spectacular!!! Many errors have been corrected, but certain aspects still need to be improved: that the cars do not disappear, that the driver can get out of the truck, that there are more routes and rough roads… however, I give the app five stars. Congratulations to the creators and thanks for such an excellent game. Excellent with the new updates!!!

The game itself is very good, good playability, good trucks, good routes, passable graphics, and much more, it is very well developed, that’s why I give it five stars, I do support it and I hope that in a while or in the next update the graphics are improved, it is more realistic and with better graphics, I am not saying that the graphics it has are bad, not at all but if they have to be improved, since the game would be complemented there and also routes like uncovered roads.

The game is good, but there are things that bother me a lot, for example the ads appear every so often, one appears when you start the game, when you enter the jobs menu, in the same jobs and when I go on the road I get about 3,000 ads that the truth ruins a bit the experience and the tranquility. Another is that when you play with the steering wheel, sometimes the steering wheel goes crazy and the sensitivity gets very high and you have almost, almost, completely turn the wheel when making an x ​​curve….

Since I installed it I liked it a lot…and with this update it has improved a lot…starting with the fact that for example there are no longer those “invisible speed bumps” in the middle of the road…and the border crossings…they are great… now it has another detail when pausing the game (with a trip in progress) when resuming the tract it appears pulled back by the trailer… and even with roadside assistance it doesn’t work… that makes the freight completely lost. ..I like the game but it’s frustrating that this happens…

I give it that rating for a small fault. I’ve only been playing it for a short time and I’ve never had so many ads.. every time I open the game an ad starts, when you select a load there is an ad, when you start with the ad route, when you’re advancing at the moment an ad appears, when the route finished there is ad. That’s taking the fun out of it. I really like the game, it’s the only truck simulation game that I have installed. Fix that with so many ads. And I will give a better rating.

The game is very good, I’ve been playing it for a few months now and I’m quite hooked. It has good graphics and has very realistic themes. But I give it 4 stars because after the last update it became very annoying with the ads and every now and then ads come and go until it becomes annoying, that’s why I give it 4 stars because the game itself is very good I recommend it the bad thing is the ads if I wish they could correct it.

The game is very good and entertaining, you can spend a lot of time playing without realizing it, but since the last update the ads have become unbearable, I understand that the ads have to exist but that the game is cut off in the middle of driving or parking, etc. is really terrible because when the game is restarted the steering wheel does not respond, you crash or the game hangs, I am disappointed with this, wanting to uninstall it because it becomes unbearable.

The game is excellent with good graphics and everything was going well until ads started to come out every 1000 thousand kilometers but there was another problem and that is that when you save the game and you leave when you enter there a busg that takes away the load and turns you over. You are already damaging the game with those ads and that busg that it has…. This update came with excellent service but with bad busg.

The game is good graphically speaking and also the game mechanics are very good but the only detail is that the price of the trucks are too expensive and that for someone who is starting out it is difficult to buy a truck and would have to spend hours to buy it one and the other is that with this latest update there are too many ads even when I’m driving, I mean it’s annoying because after the ad the game paused and I lost control of the truck and crashed.

Very good, 100% recommended, very realistic and excellent graphics. But in the last update it bugs a lot, the jobs don’t charge me to take any, when I drive the game slows down, (something that didn’t happen before). Please improve it.


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