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Overall, a rewarding and enjoyable experience. The saga is well transferred to phones. The only drawback is the duration of the limited missions. I’ve had to resort to quest lists to plan and collect rewards, which leaves casual players in a compromising position. Micro transactions are not a problem, although sometimes the game insists on purchases with real money (the advantage obtained being quite high). A good game for casual.

It is very similar to the PC one, but it would be good if they put the action levels or the hunger bars, food, hygiene, sleep, entertainment, etc. and also that at least the relationship levels be seen… The green bar and the bar pink.. It would also be good if they adapted it quite a bit to the PC one, with everything mentioned, the result would be incredible from my point of view.

Here are some things I don’t like about the game: The events are very long and it’s hard sometimes to finish the missions on time. The sim’s energy is low and runs out fast. It is difficult to advance in the game, as well as getting coins and bills. The outfits are expensive and very few, and the ones that are cheap are not pretty. The interactions are very few and in most of them the animations are repeated. It’s hard to get different relationships with another sim. There is more but I run out of letters to write.

I like it, I haven’t had so many problems with the game, although sometimes it sticks and makes very ugly sounds because it gets stuck, plus it doesn’t allow me to do some missions and restarts the process and so you can never finish the mission, also sometimes an announcement appears that it does not connect well to playstore. I hope they can fix that because it has a lot of good things too.

The game is great, it has good graphics and it’s entertaining, but the reason I gave it 4 stars is because the energy takes too long to rise for my liking. If I had to add something to the game it would be that it was open world or that it cost less to level up. And here is my review.

The truth is that I’m liking it but it’s very good, I had already tried one but I don’t know, I think it wasn’t what I was looking for, I’m not saying it’s bad, I just wanted something more basic if you can say and this one is perfect to entertain me, how to make my virtual life in a nice way and good graphics, now I have nothing bad to say. EXCELLENT WORK!!

Being adapted for a cell phone is quite good…although I don’t like it, it has almost the same basis as the games in playstore: missions, events, connection between friends etc…in my opinion I would modify:add weather,have them eat in the table, * choose the clothes they sleep in, * the reflection of the mirrors, * be able to make (real) pools, * and last but not least of the most important: THAT YOU CAN HAVE PETS since you can hear the barking in the background in the game but still they are not, the rest is great ..!

the game is a great one as if you were in the sims 4, the graphics are like those of the sims 1 and 2… but after the good things what I need to fix is ​​the time where your sim sleeps because it says relax but not sleep (sleep leaves you every 20 hours) the second the events are too long and to get married and have a baby you have to spend many hours in front of your screen and it gets boring but the good thing is that when you turn off or stop using it they continue working, This very good.

The game seems good to me, but at first glance they should reduce some things, such as the hours of an event. It doesn’t seem like 3-4 hours for something so simple, such as the baby event or wedding, the sims had to do things as simple as seeing what is within the reach of the “baby” and that’s it, for that 1 hour and no more. Add more dialogue to the sims, job possibilities, pets, reduce prices, be able to destroy walls and apart from the happy baby that the sims have, everything turns white (eyes, hair, clothes).

It’s a super entertaining game for my taste… they give you activities to do and you win very good prizes!… but lately it fails too much I have several failures in it… first one of the SIMS is frozen he stayed doing something and he doesn’t do it anymore I can use. I can’t retire another of the SIMS, nor remove it from the house, it just wanders around with nothing to do… then I bought some furniture and stairs which just disappeared, and I never knew what happened. It happened… that’s why 3 stars, I do not know what’s happening!

Everything had worked well, but it’s been 3 days since I can do a mission in the eco-workshop, the calendar got stuck on Thursday. I wish they could fix it. Another thing that occurred to me is that I bought the festival pass and it is not reflected in the game, I have already contacted them several times and the truth is that they are making it heavy, so think carefully if you are going to buy content. They say that with Google and Google that they, if they have the registry and we, why make it difficult.


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