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Being a game with the name “.io” I was expecting a shower of ads or an ugly and mediocre game, what a joy to be wrong about it. It is a good game with a simple design. Something that does not fit me as a concept is the soccer ball, it is not that it is a bad object, but of all the objects to defend yourself, a ball is super harmless, come on, there are even missiles 😆 but I will insist that it is not a bad object, I just The concept used is curious.

After playing it for 15 days, I write my review. The game is not bad, it is fun, although after a few chapters it becomes repetitive as there is not a huge variety of weapons or accessories. It’s almost pay 2 win since although I’ve played every day for about two hours, it’s very difficult to get the necessary equipment to continue advancing, plus it’s in an early stage of development and there aren’t an acceptable number of side missions like happens with Archero.

It’s fun, they don’t spam you with ads, you can see them if you want to get some extra reward. I recommend it. Now a couple of bugs for developers: 1. The top menu is visible but not selectable. So it is also not possible to pause the games. 2. Sometimes they don’t give the reward. Every time I’ve seen an ad to revive I haven’t revived. Everything else is fine, thanks developers is a good game.

I love this game, it’s easy to learn and to improve both the character and his equipment. If it’s not too much to ask, could you add an option to remove the damage number? I think it doesn’t take much and in “Test” mode it starts to get stuck over time because of so many things on the screen. Other than that the game is very fun, I recommend it.

Very good game, it’s entertaining and it has a very good theme, only some performance and optimization issues, for some low-resource devices, when too many zombies (entities) appear, etc. The screen crashes, preventing you from being able to see what is happening, you can instinctively pause it, even though when they give you the rewards for leveling up in the games, you cannot see what they give you, you just press the screen and let “luck” decide what will happen to you. gave, I hope they fix it, I recommend it.

The game is good, entertaining with a fairly good reward system and easy to understand and adapt to the different game modes, the reason why I give it 4★ is because when playing I would like there to be more weapon options in the game and that all of them could be put to the maximum and not just about 3, and that by already having them to the maximum instead of offering you only a little money or food, they offered you some other improvement or you had more variety.

It’s the vampire survivors (to have a reference to the genre for those who know it) but with a futuristic/shooter skin, I liked it a lot, the powers are more or less the same, it plays very well on mobile, the style is simple but it has its grace, it has skills and equipment, I don’t know a very good first impression, we will have to see the progress but for now I recommend it.

It’s very good, the only thing I recommend is to optimize it better because when there are many enemies on the screen, the performance of the game drops too much and sometimes when opening chests it gets blocked, the only bugs I see after all that, nothing is very good game. The last thing I would add would be a little more variety in the Weapons and Skills, but in the future. Wow I never thought I would review a game like this lol.

Well now with 4 days of seeing it played I can say that it is great, because at the beginning it feels easy and at the end it is difficult (in new levels) you can also play levels with more difficulty (you have to be level 3 or something over there) And apart from that it has no or very few ads, and it’s not unfair on the progress part.

Today’s update has been crazy, I mean the best, although there haven’t been many, but good that now you can have a lot of gold, before it was impossible to get it in many quantities, now there is enough to have everything at the same level, and Now on top of that, with the achievements, lots of gems, the game? Perfect, it’s something similar to vampire survivor, which is exactly what I was looking for, a game of that style for mobile, although I don’t understand how you can have katanas and kunais at the same time.

Very good game, despite being simple it captures attention easily and is VERY addictive I only have one problem but I guess it’s because of the gamma of my phone, and that is that when there are many enemies on the screen my device gets very slow and very few Sometimes it crashes, the rest is very good, which gives it its well-deserved 5 stars.

Excellent game… Better than punball or archery. But it has 2 problems. First, the waiting time for 1 energy is absurd… Almost 2 hours to be able to play a game is an exaggeration… And the other is that even though I have a high-end phone.


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