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It is a simple but entertaining game, it is about a policeman who follows you and the only goal is not to be caught. It contains characters, different maps that are updated according to the theme, for example at Christmas, the map is updated to snow, and sometimes to different cities. What I would like is for them to create more terrain where they can play, since the maps are repeated every year at a certain time.

The music is pretty good again, it has old and new parts, it’s better. And of course the game is still as good as ever, exactly, as always, few additions to the gameplay, it becomes repetitive and does not innovate, they only change the models of the trains and insert a couple of characters, that nobody cares .

I love the game, it gets addictive and has an adaptive difficulty level. But it took away a star because I’m tired of the same thing happening to me, it’s been like 5 times and I have to start from 0, either due to updates or who knows what (because sometimes it does it when it’s updated and sometimes without that happens) it erases ALL my progress, characters, record, tables… even when I synchronize my account and I have never been able to recover it, I just stop playing until the bother goes away.

The game is quite entertaining and good to pass the time, variety of characters and updates always bring something that keeps the game alive apart from not having excessive advertising. I give it 4 stars because when I get an ad the sound of the game is removed and that is a disadvantage, for example I am guided by the sound when I run out of power, they should fix that, apart from the fact that when you have a high score the speed stagnates making the game very repetitive.

It’s a very good game, really. Very entertaining, excellent graphics, very colorful and flashy, good goals and everything else. My suggestion is that they change the method a bit, that they add levels, that each level has an end and thus advance to the next one, since the game is infinite and sometimes it gets a bit tiring. But otherwise, all good.

The game has changed quite a bit. And it would be cool if you could activate where every time you die I change your character and also the same option for the skateboard. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re running out of powerups, it would be nice if about three seconds to go the edges of the screen turn red.

It’s fun to play here. Constant updates and new features will keep you playing. When I’m bored, I constantly put on music and play games. However, there are also disadvantages: sometimes my interface freezes, I don’t understand why. I would like more forms for authorization, and not just FB. I also feel that there are too many ads in the game which makes the game difficult. In general, I am satisfied with the process of the game itself. Thanks for playing!

I love this application, it is the best, I highly recommend it, there are many characters. Some things are free and some are not. I can buy skateboards and characters! It’s a lot of fun although sometimes it gets very difficult but over time you get used to it <3!! The only thing I want them to do is fix some things because I collide with the train when I try to revive, I mean I’m in the sky there flying and I pause it and what appears 3 2 1 comes down from the sky and collides with the train, or I hit a wall.

The game is fun and all but I have some problems; after updating the music and some sounds (such as the coins) you hear very little I have to raise the volume to the maximum to be able to hear well which is quite annoying since other sounds in the game are too loud when I do that, they should add a option to increase or decrease the volume of the music. I would also like them to add statistics to see the number of characters, achievements, total jumps, etc.

Very good game the truth, I met him precisely about 10 years ago. I really like the events and the characters. Personally, I am very visual and I love the graphics for each station, the only way I can see the graphics in detail is when I have the super backpack and the magnet, so I don’t get distracted. It would be cool if they added some style of walk mode to be able to explore the routes of this beautiful game.

I take away a star for 2 reasons, the first is because the music is very loud and the sounds of the game are hardly heard, they could put a function to lower or raise the music or the sound but in the game, and the second is that when I go in a very fast speed suddenly white light appears quickly and sometimes it causes some coins or power-ups to be removed and it annoys me a little I hope the next update will improve those 2 things I mentioned.


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