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Hello, I would ask for 4 things to improve the game, fix the textures of the maps because there are many “Bugs”, provide more game modes, not only private and public rooms. Another thing is to put a first person option to improve the experience with virtual reality glasses, (needless to say, it needs more maps), finally being able to add friends and a voice chat to talk. That’s what people ask for, because that way it will have great potential. Thank you 🤙

I like this game a lot, I love the games and the characters, everything is very good, but I would like them to fix two things: I don’t like it, when choosing a character it has to be with random roulette, you’re going to get an epic one and He takes you to the one next door, and sometimes they cook you very simple things. And the same with the sites that randomly touch you to play, it stops and then you always touch the same ones. Those things I would like you to fix if you can, thanks. I recommend the game, thank you.

I like it a lot but I feel that it lacks some things such as: Missions, add more special expressions, add friends, roulettes to get expressions, animations and footprints, that you can buy things with the crowns and cups because they are useless , that they put more levels because there are people who already have level 20 and in the games they give you experience but you cannot raise more levels. The game is very good👍👍

The game is great, it’s competitive, fun and entertaining. Now here are my complaints: the first one is that they should add more rounds in the game, more battle pass levels to get more things and that you can have a type of friends list and chat to join him or that the join your game. Here are the good things: it’s ad-free like most games, I love the maps, and the horizontal gameplay is super cool. This is my review I hope you see it.

The game is good, the reason for the 2 stars is that the game has too many bugs which totally ruins the experience. Bugs: 1-Matching can take a long time (or becomes infinite). 2-They almost always play the same maps and/or the selection gets stuck so I have to close and open the game, it’s frustrating. 3-The players take advantage of the reactions and prevent you from advancing. Suggestions: -Be able to trade. -friend requests.

Very good game. A very good alternative to fall guys. I’m lovin ‘it. However, it is noted that the double jump animation needs to be refined, since in some terrains it does not work in the most optimal way, since the animation does not change state at the moment it should, which causes a failure in motion and causes one to fall. I wish they can optimize those kind of elements, it would be even better 🙂

It’s a very good game, fun and easy to play, but I give it four stars because there are many bugs like: Going through the ground; Be at the end of the map, fall off, and respawn at the beginning. The game, even if you have a good connection, often lags, and that causes you to lose games. The game is also very “pay to win”, since by buying the battle pass you get exclusive emotes that are decisive between winning and losing games. Likewise, it is very fun to hang out, I recommend it.

Stumble guys for me is a very entertaining and fun game and I really like that you can play with friends, since it is one of the things that I use the most in the game, the graphics are very good, and I like that the detail of the shadow and that you can get free prizes every day! But as always it has its flaws… the maps feel a bit repetitive, there are very annoying bugs, but something that frustrates me a lot is the free roulette, that when you want to watch an ad it takes you out of the game.

The game is amazing. I play it every day (almost). The only bad thing is the advertisements: they are almost always placed when a roulette is finished or started. Another thing is that on the spin go round map, when you do the pro tip and you don’t land well on the other edge and you hit the ground, you fall. Another thing, the mix of maps and hacks, is very annoying.

Really good game, but the next update could add a friend list, more maps, more rounds, and add more players in a game, and improve the textures, and fix bugs, like going through the ground, and animations when you push a door and that there are no hackers, the list of friends and even being able to have the option of being able to make a clan, and voice chat and notifications of request or invitation, I hope they take it into account, but the game is good.

The game is fun because of its physics, its challenging maps, the graphics are very nice, you can change your skin, compete with other people is excellent, but it would be GOOD if they ADD MANY MORE MAPS, since, at the same time, it is a simple game : Pick a random map, then rank within the 16 players, then within the 8, and finally you win the final.


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