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It is a good game in various aspects, both playable and graphically, however, on some devices it takes a long time to load, even when you finish a round it takes time to load to go to round 2, it is necessary to fix that and balance the way you earn equipment, everything else, all very well! UwU (Written from a Huawei Y7 2018)

From the point of view of gameplay and graphics is very successful. The problems that I see are the following: If you want to advance in history without accessing the subscription, that is, without paying the premium, that advance costs a lot. The rewards obtained are repetitive and useless, which end up tiring the player and therefore uninstalling the game. Then, in duel league modes, two kicks take away half of your life and you have to give him 27 combos.

A very good game. I like the graphics, the color 3D models and also that the mechanics and techniques of Shadow Fight 2 have been preserved. But I have a serious problem with this game. In the categories it says that it is a game that does not need Internet, but, when I advance in the story, for each fight that I win I have to connect or the game does not allow me to access it. If the game has 1.3 GB of storage and requires Google Games to “save progress”, why do I need Internet to play?

The game is good and everything, its gameplay is exceptional and fluid with a very polished combat system, only the progression system annoys me a bit since from time to time you will be 24/7 playing duels to farm money or cards to defeat a boss and advance the story. Which at first is not bad but later you feel that they force you to do it, but other than that it is very good.

Very good game, something to improve would be the means of purchase for packages, since currently it only allows purchases through the debit or credit card, attaching the data of the same and authorizing the purchase through the billing of the telephone company. They must be updated in this regard since there is a wide variety of payment methods other than those already listed.

The game is very good, very good graphics and the gameplay I also liked, the only problem I see is that one of the features of the game is Offline Play, but that’s a lie, I can’t play without Internet Connection, I would like to the game was offline, that you can play it quietly without using data or being connected to wifi.

Very good app, it has good graphics and animations and history, the problem is that sometimes the screen freezes and the only way to get out is to close the app, and it’s a bit annoying for which I leave you my request to fix that problem, I thought it was my phone but it’s not.

You know what fighting games are about, they are errors, practice and really in this game you don’t need to be a fighting god, you just need to have a little skill and you win easily, have good weapons and good armor, well that’s why it’s not that complicated, I love fighting games and in this one I understand its plot (story) very well, that’s why it has 5 stars, but there are not so many reasons for 5 stars for many but for me I just got a little attached of the game.

good fighting game. something realistic and fanciful. excellent gameplay and entertainment good graphics. Somewhat troublesome to get free upgrades but relatively easy. It also has the possibility of purchase but it is played well for free. Good afternoon, the game is excellent, but it would be great if tournaments could be made, that is, round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. It would be great and that those who participate have the same level of fighting, very interesting and striking battles could take place

Very good game. Good controls and graphics. The only bad thing I see is that the price of the Items in the store, to get the best, is absurdly high/expensive. Where will I get 50 THOUSAND Gold Coins in less than 5 hours? That’s absurd, at most I get 20 thousand. And I couldn’t buy the Items from the store because of the store update every 24 hours.

Excellent game 100% recommended. It is addictive with good graphics and sound. The truth is that the only thing that I miss about its previous ones is being able to play them 100% offline, however it is also a bit advantageous since if you don’t have a subscription you can win new things in its duel mode. in love 👍

The game is excellent, but it has several things that I don’t like. When you have won several fights they stop compensating you with coins, and also face a player with powers far above yours so that you lose. I have only been able to reach a little more than 6400 points, and more than 6000 it is very difficult to climb because the bonus for victories is very low and when you get 10 victories you get a bot that is invincible, and of course, you lose. Otherwise the game is attractive.


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