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The game is very good I’ve been playing it since I was 3 years old 🥺 super good it has a variety of games it even has voice chat. And games that are not censored. I’m lovin ‘it. It just has a lot of bugs in the game, the camera is constantly stuck and when I play on PC I can’t stop walking alone. When I try to go to Avatar and have items in my possession it refreshes me saying there was an error in it and I have to put it back. But the rest is super good, I’m satisfied.

In my opinion of this game, it is very good, it opens your imagination, you can play as many games as you want, wherever and whenever you want, I also like the texture of the characters and how we can express ourselves through imagination. Going to another point, for me, I would have given it 5 stars at once but I couldn’t do it because of the new updates they made in the game, for example: the logo when entering, the 3D clothes and most importantly for me the sound when we die

It is the best game, there are thousands of games where you can play or make friends and you can even play privately :D, one bad thing is that there are many items to customize your character but 9.9/10 items are bought and that are free are very ugly :(, another bad point is the difficulty to get robux (money) because it is pay to get 😐 and that annoys me, it was better at the time of the tix. Well the rest is endless fun, you definitely have to try it (and try blox fruits)

It is very entertaining, it has variations of games but there is a problem, when you restart the avatar the screen bugs and it is very ugly. There is also another bug that is when you join a game it appears with a lock and some experiences are very laggy, there are also many hackers and I wish they would fix all that. The game is still very good and that’s it.

It’s an excellent game, very good gameplay, very good graphics. I have been playing it since 2018 and the vdd that many things have improved but like everything in life, nothing is perfect. The only flaws it has are bugs, disconnections when connected to WIFI, lag, among other things. But after that it’s an excellent game, keep it up.

Well, the game is very entertaining, with several different games and themes. But there are some things that really bother me, like: The internet, insults, scams, hackers, and currently the problem of avatars is becoming very constant… I hope they fix it, anyway. All good roblox, keep it up, with the good events, good games and more!

I give it 5 🌟 because the game has a very good developer. every day a new game appears the issue is when you have to update it because it is mandatory and if you do not update it it does not let you do anything that is a complaint on the other hand it happens that it gets stuck a lot and there are times when you enter a game and you reappears on the home screen. The graphics are not the best but it doesn’t matter another good house is that you can play with your friends well that’s all bye.

I love big changes; More events, More free stuff, Fewer bugs and quality resolutions. But there is only a small problem in the mobile controls that is caused when you play R6 games, where the camera and the movement of the character are synchronized to the extent that it is very difficult to handle, although it is solved by going in and out but I will tell you anyway like a mistake. Nothing more, it’s a very good and incredible game that I recommend, thank you 😁.

Excellent game, among its best games for me are car crushers, build a boat for treasure among others. The variety of free items is a bit lacking but this is offset by the user’s creativity in equipping these items. No complaints. Detail; camera error when moving. Detail; I don’t like at all that every time you want to play, when you enter the application you have to log in. The rest of the game is very good, I do not complain about not having robux. Be creative.

The game is very good, the problem is when the update appears. It is not that there are errors, the bad thing is that they removed the OOF that appears when one restarts or dies. That sound is what made the games fun (in my opinion) but the new sound is not that exciting. I hope they put the OOF back please.

It is very good game. I recommend it 100%. But there is a problem that is that when you have the camera very close to the character and you open the exit menu, restart character, etc… the camera breaks. I mean, when the character moves you try to move the camera to the side and it zooms in on you. Please, it is very annoying in the middle of a game that you have to quit and then start again. But I don’t take away the star because it’s a very good game. Just fix that pls.

Very good almost perfect but sometimes it doesn’t open and I have to close and open the game for it to work it doesn’t take long so it doesn’t bother much.


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