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Fix the bugs it closes about 37 times daily. Very good game! Only 4 recommendations: 1. They should let us customize the races, choose the circuit we want and the laps we want with the number of opponents we want. 2. They should add the Nurburgring’s Nordschleife. 3. When changing the vision to the rear, the complete hood of the car is not seen 4. Improve the menu to optimize the graphics to the maximum of my cell phone, whether it is high-end or low-end (in my high-end case)

I sincerely liked that they changed the music, because I thought it was something impossible but apparently you have done it, one thing that I would like you to add is the guide lines (like the ones in Need for speed Shift), I like them, it’s something simple, a nice little detail that helps when driving, I would also like in the customization that they add more things like rims, vinyls, colors, paint the rims and windows.

VERY GOOD DAY MY DEAR FRIEND. It seems to me that it is one of the best games I have tried, I really like the dynamics and the races it has. I like the graphics, despite being a mobile game its graphics are very good, I haven’t found any errors or bugs. Congratulations. 🤗

Okay . I had given the game 5 stars several weeks ago but since I started to look at it there are things that are missing such as the quality of the graphics and the pit lane stops, it should be in the formula 1 section. There is a variety of single-seaters but for some in this bird game it is difficult to win prizes and seasons and even so they do not manage to buy their single-seater. This was the case of my friend, for my part I think that the tracks and the high speed could be improved?

This game almost blew up my phone, my phone overcame it, but seriously, my dream is to drive an F1, it came true, what a great game, wao, I feel in that game that I am in real life, I recommend it to the entire world, the best EA game and For those who say they have a bug, their cell phone is already exploding but mine can hold it haha ​​sorry for the “haha”

The only game of its kind that causes me satisfaction to play it, for the reason of the graphics, handling and realism in the whole track it is very similar to real life it also has a great variety of vehicles to enjoy its handling, limits and cel as it is to be carrying the ballot since some of us do not have the money or, or, the opportunity to drive, I add, I really do not get tired of the game🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.

Very good game but you need to have subaru in your list of cars please I would appreciate it if you had it in your next update thank you very much for taking into account my opinion and putting oos subaru, One of the best racing games out there… They just should add a section with street racing with nitro and all that… Maybe for his next installment.

The only thing I find in the new update is that there are very few F1 tracks, extremely few and they left out the safety cars, apart from that the usual. Update the tracks like Spain, the signs of the braking meters, let the tires change, they are all yellow…. and many more details that are overlooked.

I must say that it is my number one in terms of racing games, I have been playing and collecting cars for years, but I have a problem and that is that when I want to make a backup copy in the cloud it takes about half a minute and it always says connection error, only Mind my progress is saved on the 10th try and I’m afraid that I won’t be able to save my game progress anymore. I hope they fix this and it’s just a simple mistake.

It is a very good game, the only thing that is very repetitive in terms of the types of races. I’ve played it for 8 months and it’s always the same types of races; time trial, cup, elimination, instant speed, speed record,… In short, there is no motivation since seprr expects the same.

I think the game is the best racing game for mobile, it doesn’t weigh that much and it has many cars and very good graphics, but I would also like it to have a free mode and a sliding pedal option to be able to explore the tracks calmly while you listen to the car engine. It’s the best racing game I’ve ever played, only I’m in Cuba and I can’t pay or buy coins or money to complete upgrades for some cars or buy them directly. Otherwise the game is excellent. Good graphics, easy to handle. In the end, it’s super.

The best mobile racing game, but I don’t like that it’s pay2win and to get cars you have to be very patient. Something they should add would be a free practice in any circuit and any car to get to know a circuit, and that they remove the cap of MS since it is very tedious that you can only 250,000 per day, It is the best racing game for Android is similar to Gran turismo SPORT I recommend it discard this game it weighs but it is worth it greetings creators of the game.


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