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It is a good game, with good graphics and realism in many aspects, the game modes are good since the games are competitive, something that is lost in some games, but it has a problem in terms of matchmaking, since sometimes it can take and in others it doesn’t And that bothers me a bit, because I’ve had to wait much longer than what is indicated before a game And it would be good if they solved that.

For me, in this experience with this great game that I have been playing for a long time, I must say that its game mechanics, controls, gameplay, and everything, are very good, and the truth is that over time I got very used to it and I liked it too much, it’s super addictive among many things of surviving, being alert and all. For me it deserves 5 stars and I hope they update a lot, it needs many things.

I really like the game, the maps, the weapons, everything. The only thing I see strange is that always when I enter the main menu, 10 seconds pass and suddenly it tells me that I have to log in, and this happens about 2 or 3 times every time I enter the game, and in this last update, I liked it a lot of new game modes, but for example, in war mode, when they kill me and I’m going to respawn, the game kind of starts to bug, and it stays like that.

A great action game, I loved the game, it has good graphics, but that depends on your device, it works great for me, this game is realistic, the shots, the graphics, the explosions, it seems that you are really at war, (only if you use headphones or use high volume) I think it’s a good game, I highly recommend it, but the problem is the skins, they are quite ugly, they should do collaborations like for example: rambo, Tom Raider ect. Fix Bugs and others.

The game is unique, I love it, there are no genres, the obvious updates are bad, few people have expensive cell phones, and another issue is the hackers, impossible to play against them, another point, the points go down a lot, but it’s hard to get up, the issue of the clothes, you have to pay or be ” Prime “. It would be nice if they thought about the middle class.

The work of the developers, programmers, designers is magnificent, my favorite game for realism, both landscapes and combat, weapons and recoil, etc. But I’d rather play with bots than wait 15 minutes without finding single matches to rank up, (like hard vs AI mode) I’m sure most would rather that than wait that long without finding matches, so we feel forced to play as a team to enter battle.

With the new update, there are several bugs that I had seen in the pubg 2.2 beta. Which I realize was something of a copy and paste. There are visual bugs more than anything, but they are annoying. Example: when you are going to heal, the time that is going to end does not appear and that is bad for the game in specific situations.

It is the best game apart from street of duty Mobile, but the problem is with the pairing it takes 5 minutes or more, when I enter the store with the coupons they see black skins instead of the outfits and weapons too, what should I do or is there a solution? And thank you very much for making the best game, You should optimize the devices that already support 90fps. It is unfair that if you have a device that allows that REFRESH rate (90 FPS) it is limited against another of 90 FPS just because it is not optimized and goes to 60 when it can go to 90 FPS just like the other one.

Hello pubg workers, can you add more clothes that look great, but make it free, please (eg, pants, t-shirts, hats, etc) I’m one of those who don’t wear suits. A separate set would be great…… and please PLEASE! that it’s not temporary, that we can get permanent decent clothes.

The holographic sight is very cumbersome, they could move it a little further, since being very close when you aim it gets in the way and it is uncomfortable to use that sight, on the contrary on the iPad it does not hinder anything but on phones if it is very cumbersome, the holographic sight is the only thing What I don’t like about the game, from now on everything is perfect.

The game is quite good, but the only thing I don’t like is that you have to wait a long time to play on large ranked maps like miramar or vikendi, and in general it takes a long time to match a ranked game, and I would like the times to improve in the future.

The supreme arena game mode has many bugs, sometimes the screen stays black as soon as I entered the game, other times it doesn’t let me buy weapons and that bothers me a lot and sometimes I buy the weapon but without ammunition and it’s annoying. The supreme arena mode seems to me a very fun game mode but the bugs that happen to me have me very disappointed. Please remove those bugs.


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