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I love the game! But it is true that there are one or another bug that makes the experience less enjoyable, for example: the one that happens the most is the reconnection, when for some reason you leave the game, either because of your mistake or the app, the time to reconnect to the game is so great that you can literally exit at the beginning of the game and when you try to reconnect it is already finished or about to be. Fix pairing.

The game itself is very good, the problem is the imbalance, there are pokemons that are very rotten and sometimes it’s very frustrating as you simply can’t beat one for having chosen another (and that there is no element advantage). The controls aren’t very comfortable either, I’m especially referring to the basic attack, because when there are too many rivals it’s impossible to select who you attack. Again, I love the game, but I find it impossible to enjoy it because most of the time I am frustrated.

From the beginning I have not taken him so much consideration but he has. I liked it a lot even though I don’t play that often, but I still really enjoy it with company. There are some minor bugs, late responses, actions at critical moments that I wish they would fix, and the main complaint is how expensive some items are in the store. The rest is great.

Excellent game, really, I would only give advice to improve small details, for example, why backpacks if only you can see them? The character should turn 360° at any time, that is, in the main menu, in the waiting room, etc, if not, remove the backpacks or at least make them much cheaper, second, if there are exclusive outfits that came out previously, no They should be removed, just put in the store at a hefty price, I’m able to afford it if the suit is good.

The game is ok but it has quite a few flaws. The first is that when you have a lot of points if they kill you they take too many away, if you have 50 and they kill you you keep 15 and it is not easy to get more points, it seems too unfair to me and I think that at most they should take half. The second thing is that for unknown reasons, when they eliminate me, it takes a long time to reappear, but when I eliminate someone, it takes very little. I take one out on a base and he’s right back. It is very unfair.

Since the last update, every time you go to enter a game, it appears: “the connection has been lost due to a network error” and it does not allow you to enter the game, even if you put “reconnect” it never enters. Please fix that, since I already know it’s not the cell phone, because I tried 3 different ones and the same thing happens.

Very good game, entertaining to pass the time, but if there are many problems, one that happens to me the most is the failure of the game servers, in each game I end up with ‘reconnecting’ or ‘network connection error’. Another is also how they match players, be it in qualifying or some quick and/or normal game, they end up pairing you with players who are not at your level or don’t even know how to play, no offense, they should fix it because it has a lot of influence. thanks^^

I love this game, they are short games of 5 and 10 minutes, so you can play a couple of games and go on with your life 😁 The graphics are great and the gameplay is super easy. And to others it is updated every so often, leaving more pokemons to play with, accessories and they give you many things. It is the online game that I liked the most so far. 🥰🎮

There are many things that could be improved. The AI ​​of the bots leaves a lot to be desired and it is annoying that it does not come into play automatically and immediately when a player disconnects in the middle of the game, putting the team at a critical disadvantage with the unexpected. Also, the loading times and initial animations of the game are very long, which postpones joining a game if there is an unforeseen disconnection. Ranked 4 matchups should be allowed.

It’s a good game, fun, etc but there are some things I would like to see fixed. 1: that they improve the pairing, since their pairing is terrible, since they put a bad team on you and the rivals even master ranks and it becomes unfair. 2: That they increase the amount of coins you can earn per week since 2000 is very little, I would like it to be at least 5000, since they introduce new Pokémon and these are more expensive, making it almost impossible to buy them. Still good game.

The game is excellent, its theme, how they develop it, the gameplay. They improved the matchmaking a bit. But please start banning players who get disconnected. And those who do not have the ability to play, all the progress that one makes is lost because of others.


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