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It is entertaining, fun and easy to play. The problem is that lately it has presented several flaws: in the location, in the pokestops, at the time of combat, activating the attacks, the reaction time is very slow after having already touched the screen. In short, in many more failures that generate a very bad experience when it comes to wanting to play. I hope they can solve everything optimally and quickly because it is a good game.

It’s a good app, it just has some glitches all of a sudden, and it would be nice to be able to customize the avatars more (with different types of hairstyles, complexion, and more variety of colors in clothes, or hair color). They could also add the other two members of the Rocket team (Butch and Cassidy), so that it is not so monotonous to play the game with the same characters every time. Surely adding that many players would resume the game.

Very good game but it has some errors, suddenly it goes black, I try to restart and the black screen continues or it freezes and as far as I know I have good data and I’m in the middle of a city, I don’t know a desert, my mobile is also gaming (SD 870) so it is not my fault. It also doesn’t let me scan pokestops, if they fix that I’ll give them 5 stars to spare. It is also a fact that suddenly it gets caught and when trying to enter it says that the session could not be started.

I love this game, having fun with friends, going for a walk and hanging out. The bad thing that may happen to many like me is that it is marked in a while which causes you to have to leave and enter again. In addition, my cell phone is not high-end, and that may also have an influence. What I am going for is that I would like them to include more rendering options, some graphics adjustment or something else that helps improve fluidity for my case and I imagine that of many. It would be a great goal and a better exp.

I loved the game since I met it, I love pokemon and its entire franchise. But I have a problem with the missions, there are some that are by RA+ and not all cell phones have it or it allows you to try it in a thousand ways and nothing and I can’t complete those missions. Out of that good graphics, good animations, good combat system is perfect even with that annoying detail.

Very good, but I would like that in live mode when you are with your Pokémon there would be a choice of poses and that it would not only be standing there to take a picture of it. Another thing is that my friends send me gifts and I can’t open them because my suitcase reaches its maximum capacity, sometimes they think I don’t want to receive them but I don’t 😢 I wish there was an option to send a message or something. It would also be nice if you could change your avatar’s hairstyle, and there were more customization options.

It’s a great game to hang out with and go for a walk. But it would be nice if you could see the players that are connected around you walking like you it wouldn’t be so bland the game you would see more movement and also if you could see if someone is in a nearby raid without having to go into the raid I think people would do more if from the outside you see if there are people connected. It’s a great game but you can make it better and more fun.

Since 2018, I have been playing this game that forces you to walk a little, and that in a pandemic improved the way players play remotely as well. I don’t put 5 stars because since the last update my mobile overheats too much if I leave the game running for more than 15 min. It is a very fun game, since you can become the pokemon master: searching, catching, having one as a friend by your side, among other details. You can play it alone and share it with your friends. It has some details that could be improved, such as better resolution and more effects. Nothing else in my opinion. But it is to play it in quiet moments and have a good hobby.

The game is great. The graphics, the Pokémon, it’s not pay to win, the pokestops, how it works, ETC. But I would like the Pokémon to evolve like in the series, with battles, ETC. That the Pokémon with combats be enhanced, and the more experience, the more PC and more scoring stars. congratulations to the developers because the game is perfect for me, but I have a problem with the new version now there is no map it’s as if the location is turned off.

It is the best game I have ever played, although I will give some improvements: 1 that the exchanges could be done remotely. 2 without buying anything you can only have 300 Pokémon and the truth is that I have had to delete almost all my Pokémon. 3 the teacher almost always gives me Pokémon that I already have and I run out of space in the backpack and 4 times I run out of Pokeballs and I already have the maximum number of items that I still need, I think I would like the minimum number of items to be 500. Although in yes it is a very good game.


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