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A cool game is the copy of dugeon choronicles but the bad thing is that it doesn’t let you save your game and it doesn’t have a story to follow and I don’t see that it has missions. This game is a copy of “Dungeon Chronicle”… the developers of this game should improve this game by adding more modes like PvP or Co-op and cloud save. I do not like that they are replicating an application with the aim of seeking profit through ads and purchases. I will change my opinion when the game improves.

Hero, the world is shattering, it’s time to head to the RPG world, start your adventure to eliminate all monsters to bring the peace back to the world.
Now we represent the Monster Dungeon:Hunting Master to all the people who are enthusiastic for RPG, it is an idle MMORPG game with addicting gameplays and endless raid and dungeon, no time to more talk, just come and have a try.

In Monster Dungeon:Hunting Master, you will play as a lone hero to fight against creepy monsters in the desolate land, head to the raid and start your own adventure, it will be a unique and dramatic journey. As an RPG adventure games, use your spells and power to clean every dungeon, defeat all kinds of monsters and dragon, tons of rich loots are waiting for you, you will feel the power growing while you level up or have more powerful gears, you you can get everything that you expect from an adventure game. The RPG elements will make Monster Dungeon: Hunting Master fun with more playability.

Find your way to be the hero
You are the hero that master different types of skills, but you need specific weapon to use those skills. You can pick up the sword to slice and chop monsters down like a warrior in this fun games, or you can either wield your staff to cast spells on those monsters to blow them into pieces in the dungeon. But powerful skills require certain cooldowns to use again, you can use auto attack to deal with normal monsters and save your ultimate skills for the boss. How to get those powerful skills? You just need to kill monsters to gain EXP, clear each dungeon to level up. You can unlock many skills after you level up, you can build your own skill tree to learn the skills that you like. Try to find the way that suits you better, once you did, you will be addicting to these adventure games.

Random dungeons are waiting for you
Every time you play Monster Dungeon: Hunting Master, you will enter a dungeon that will be randomly generated. The battlefield will be different, so you need to plan your route to explore as much as you can, try to eliminate all the monsters in the dungeon, they will give you lots of EXP and maybe some good drops.

Free to play, play to win
Monster Dungeon: Hunting Master is a free games and it’s also an offline games, you don’t need to spend too much real money on this game to be more powerful, all you need to do is head to the dungeon and start the killing. It’s also a good way to release your pressure. The gameplay is very casual, you can play whenever and wherever you are, and you can stop any time you like. It’s a very good game to help you kill the time

Come and download this fantastic RPG games and start your own adventure now, endless monsters are crawling in those dangerous dungeons, no time to hesitate. Be the legend in Monster Dungeon: Hunting Master.


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