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Excellent game. It is true that on some computers it freezes and exits every 3 minutes. Apparently the app has conflicts between cache and RAM even if the device is high-end. I tried to play by turning off the music and leaving only the sounds in the game and so far the problem seems solved, in fact I was able to play 45 minutes without problems and with headphones they make a different experience with only the natural sounds. I hope it works for you. Greetings Supercell.

The excellent game, typical of supercell. What yes, there are things that I have come across and they are uncomfortable, for example when I want to look for something in the store I have to scroll through the articles until I find what I am looking for, I would like there to be some type of search engine or filters (for example in decorations put a “flowers” filter and all the flowers appear instead of searching among everything). Also when you enter the store it is uncomfortable that if you close it it sends you to the top of the list again.

I have been playing this beautiful farm for 11 years, the only unrewarding thing is the Derby and the Boat, with the first I only go up and down in category without advancing and with the boat there are very few boxes that I can complete, due to the quantity and variety of products and time it takes to prepare them and the rewards are usually very basic for all the effort and difficulty to complete all the objectives. The wonderful rest, is the best! Are we going to have an anniversary gift/decoration this year?

A great game, a worthwhile download and very entertaining. After so much time it would be interesting if the products could be eliminated from the production queue, because sometimes you can make a mistake and you have to wait for the time to be produced and it can delay deliveries. I would also add the possibility of having new buildings in the town and that it costs a little less to get the necessary materials to expand the land, because it is a lot of time invested.

The game is very good I’m going for level 79, only there are some things that don’t seem to me: 1. The more you level up the machines become super expensive and getting the coins costs, there are 2 that I haven’t been able to buy for more than I farm and I sell products. 2. It is very expensive to get the expansion material and if one wants to buy it with real money it is very expensive. Things are no longer enough on my farm. For the rest everything works very well and I have not had any problems, please if you can fix e.

The game has a very interesting and fun theme, the product sales system is very good, the economy system of the game in general is very good. Lots of variety of production machines, animals, decorations, etc. The game is very entertaining. Sometimes I feel that something boring and repetitive is done, the places to visit are somewhat limited (train, valley, fishing area) I would increase my score if they improve this by adding more places such as cities, etc.

I really love this game but I’m only giving it four stars as I wish the achievement building could be moved since I bought an item and accidentally left it behind this one and there’s no way to move it the worst thing is it was with diamonds that I bought it, is it too much to ask? :(( Also, I wish they could implement the option to remove products from the production queue since one can make a mistake and then have to wait a long time to produce what is needed.

An entertaining game to spend certain free moments during the day. The main drawback is that there are times when you can make a mistake in the production queues and there is no way to “go back” irremediably consuming the resources and the time of its elaboration. The farm pass, although I have never bought it, does not seem attractive to me compared to the season passes of other Supercell games. Still, very good game, a great discovery.

The application is very good, I have been playing for years and it is very entertaining, although it has details that are sometimes discouraging, such as filling the ship’s boxes in some cases it is impossible due to the little time available. The same goes for what is necessary for extensions. But overall I think it’s an excellent way to pass the time, Congratulations.

Good game, however I have several observations that I hope can be improved. First, the duration for the elaboration of the products, I think that it takes too long to be a game, which may end up being boring in the long run due to the wait for these. Another important point is that as a result of this it becomes much more difficult to get the coins and several of the positions, or new places that are needed to advance in the game since they are too expensive. I hope they can improve it.

The game is very good with my family we install it, there are some times that it crashes, it needs internet to load most things and some things and machines charge very expensive, but other than that the game has very good graphics.


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