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Very funny I love it but it won’t let me play the PVP I’m connected and it tells me that there is no connection, it will be because I live in Cuba. I already tried with a VPN and neither. Also the rewards are too few to be able to buy another weapon needed to keep going in the missions. But I recommend it, it’s very good.

I reached the end of the game… but I still have to finish the PVP… it gets heavy to open… I would like to know if after the whole game is over… there is a continuation of the game.

At first I was looking for a good and fun game and at the same time I thought I wasn’t going to like it but I started playing it and azzz is another fun level, it got a 10 on my personal score. I like it but it could be improved, for example, making it possible for oneself to go over the doll and instead of going alone through the map and shooting oneself, they could put a map and oneself go to the place.

Incredible shooting game has impressive graphics and also realistic sounds which when they hurt you sounds like you received a hit or shot and you can also put sights with all the weapons like being in Call Of Duty maybe the weapons can be worth too much but it’s still a good game I would give it more than 5 stars and one more thing the ads never start to lash excellent game.

Wow cinsera mind is incredible I am 9 years old I am a child I love playing video games and this is one of my favorites because it is without WiFi since I leave my house a lot it also has many missions I love this game (a few years ago I published this and it is still the same and incredible game currently mind I’m 10 and a half years old and I’ve changed my tastes but I downloaded it again and it will never go out of style for me it’s my 2nd favorite game if you could change the camera it would be the first, thanks for creating this 😉

It is the best shooting game I have played, I highly recommend it, I would like them to add more machine guns like the MG42, etc., excellent game, and to put more campaigns, please update it.

I like the game if I’m honest it’s the best game, the gameplay is good, excellent graphics, bullet effect at the end of the mission all 5 stars I highly recommend them. Although they could put an option to edit your character and also be able to improve it, a zombie mode would be better because I like zombies and others can also have a story mode.

I think it has a future… but I disagree a little with some things that may help them to attract more players, the first would be to make the controls more intuitive and the other would be to give the option to the players to choose free movement, the good thing is the boarderlands type graphics I loved that, good game.

It’s good, and I like the graphics. But the complaint I have is that it is not free movement, I would like us to be able to control the character, and I would also like them to change that of downloading the challenges and weapons, that would make the game easier.

Hello good morning the game is fantastic and great but sometimes when I aim at a target they all turn upside down also sometimes the game crashes by itself and has stability problems they should make it less heavy and also not make it so difficult to win the eagles since with this it is almost impossible to update the weapons of the rest the game is fantastic make those improvements and I put the star that is missing greetings from Venezuela.

Well it’s quite entertaining but it has a problem, the controls that are quite rare in my opinion should make them more comfortable or give the option to change them to something more common, but in itself it is an entertaining game and somewhat difficult in itself it is quite good quite potential keep it up my congratulations (but seriously fix the controls please :’)

Very good, although many texts are missing to be translated into Spanish (which makes it look ugly aesthetically). If it had been 100% in Spanish, I would give it 5 stars. However, it is still a good game and the experience is pleasant.

Well, the truth is that the game is good, the graphics are more or less good, the gameplay, that is, the space to move the camera or the space that you have to accommodate it to your liking, is very bad, the truth is, I downloaded it, but to accommodate the osae weapon for shooting at the enemy is very difficult to shoot if they can fix that you will be very good also that when a reload the weapon the effect will be heard, that would give it a touch of realism and that you could move wherever you want to your liking.

The graphics are very good but it would be one of the best games if the character could move, that is, they told you where to go and be able to move it, also being able to go backwards and a little to the sides would be great, the truth is that the game It’s pretty good, it reminds me of a game called XIII and it was for PC. Although they should make the animations more realistic, especially when you hit the enemies. The game is recommended. But many advertisements… and if that were not enough, the eagles cost a lot to be given to us by very expensive weapons.


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