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This game is incredible, that cannot be denied. But there are some errors such as: 1 It has quite a few bugs, one of them is that when doing the first two robbery missions (either of the two) several times it got stuck 2 There is also another type of bug which is that in some missions you can go through the wall or the map. 3 Also other minor errors like changing weapons and other things. If they would fix all these bugs the game would be much better and gain more support.

The game is good, it has problems with interactions, the aiming of the weapons is not adequate, getting on the cars is horrible. If you enter, install from somewhere, it takes a long time and the worst thing is that you keep counting the time in the missions against the clock. But that is tolerable. What is not to have ads every 30 seconds. I understand that it is a free to play game, but every time you enter the menu having an ad is horrible and it makes me not want to play it.

Hours that I spend in this game, it entertains me in the best way, I have no complaints, only suggestions, that they expand the map, more map would be the most attractive game for many people, be more creative in the events because they are repetitive, more objects to the game like cars, pedestrians, and I don’t know, innovate on your part, surprise the players, it will be more fun and satisfying, thanks, I hope to be considered, and also thanks for this game, it helps me a lot.

I leave you a criticism to improve the game: 1.- In the weather: add rain, in the climate change from dusk to dusk it is more realistic, that it does not change suddenly 2.- In vehicles: that it can be tuned to taste , both cars and motorcycles 3.- In missions: it is not possible to do missions with high levels, so that it is not difficult to reach a mission. 4.- Vehicle deliveries: that does not cost. 5.- In free play: add multiplayer mode. 6.- In the properties: That the interior can be appreciated.

Well it’s a very good game but there is a bug that when you get into the game it tells you that you have to update it but I already updated it and I don’t know if this only happens to me but if it’s a bug I hope they fix it and well everything else it’s very good 4 stars and a very good game and a suggestion that they add more history and that the map be liked and that the graphics be increased and that the controls can be customized and that at least 2 cars can be sold every 2 hours well I hope that can you please add it.

Ok Gameloft as soon as I came back I saw that they removed two things. One was that the barriers of yellow and black lines can no longer cover me, it was very difficult for me to pass a few levels where they had those barricades And the other is that I bought the limited edition tartarus and just pressed deliver for free and then I got into the story mode missions It reappears, press deliver but now with money and they gave it to me, I went back into another story mode mission and again the car did not appear again.

Gameloft you are a very good developer but lately you are not paying attention to us your fans and you are in oblivion update your other games like Gangstar Rio it is a good game and it deserves to be compatible with new versions of android and update its graphics as with new textures in the water or in the buildings and reflections as it was when it came out, the same with the six guns and the spiderman ones return them they had good games don’t make the same mistake as rockstar games.

The game is good..I want it to have good graphics..the controls to improve the controls..I want it to look like free fire like jumping. run.hit. So it seems to improve the controls of the game… include new controls like free fire, please, everything included in the controls… more missions and new events…. new characters… well improving character voices… .. all in one game for players to have more experience ….. in the game please improve the controls please.

Since the last update the game is lagging horribly for me while I’m connected to the internet, when I’m disconnected everything goes very well so it’s not a performance problem on my cell phone. Someone else happens? What can I do to fix that? It’s ugly because it’s practically unplayable.

The game is very good it really is But God for any simple thing that you do one ad after another I always have to turn off the WiFi connection to be able to play well but things are limited that’s why I don’t make purchases in the game and when I die and I want to revive I spend my money because I get tired of seeing so many ads, at least if they last 10 seconds or something like that, but they are not ads that last 30 seconds and you can’t fast-forward it, seriously, it’s really annoying to play like this, lower the ad a bit for God’s sake.


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