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It’s incredible, the graphics are excellent, the events are not objective and unbearable, the characters are quite realistic, the weapons work well, the sniper mode is good and you can get money and gold more or less quickly! it’s entertaining, the graphics are very good, it’s addictive, you can play with or without internet, nothing to envy to other games of the same style,😍 I’m delighted with the game 😍😍😍 I just should pay a little more at each level Congratulations!!!

Excellent shooting game, the graphics are very well taken care of, and that slow motion effect of the last shot is great. The game modes are varied and quite dynamic, including events. The campaign mode is extensive but fun, and the amount of characters and weapons is quite good, although it is a bit difficult to obtain them due to the chest system. Performance on low-end devices is extremely good, and the overall gaming experience is satisfying.

The game is very good, it has entertained me a lot and it has a lot of emotion, very well structured in characters and campaigns, type of missions, weapons and other elements. How I liked it a lot, I must criticize two things so that the developers can do something about it. One, one feels a bit mocked in battle mode, it doesn’t seem logical at times, rather it seems like a mockery because on many occasions I have confirmed that the thing is decided on a whim, it doesn’t affect the shot or it disappears.

It’s really too good, especially the last shot plus the Phew “Epic” sound, that you get characters through 10/10 events. With the missions I am worried about passing them all because mentioned by other users they seem to have a limit and I do not want to run out of entertainment. A constructive criticism is the ads, despite not being tedious, I don’t see logic in games that have integrated purchases, free games are forgivable since that’s where they get more income.

Hello, the game is really good, its positive points are:

  • 1. Good gameplay, it’s not the best but it’s really good.
  • 2. Acceptable and pretty graphics
  • 3. Passable story.
  • 4. Good, entertaining, cinematic action scenes and gunfights.

The bad?.

  • 1. The advertisement they put is a bit Click Bait, since the character moves freely and in the game you can’t.
  • 2. Not being able to upgrade weapons.
  • 3. The animations leave something to be desired. I hope you take these points to improve 🙂

Oh, this game is perfectly done just because it lacks realism, not because of the graphics (in that aspect they are good) but because of some missions like the “hacker” ones. I liked the rest, the events, the gameplay, and Especially the campaign mode. Recommendation: add an “open world” game mode that would take them further to the top. Anyway continue to grow on my part I leave you a review.

The graphics, the characters, etc. Everything is excellent… That you don’t need internet to play gives a lot to talk about. However, I think they went overboard with the cost of the upgrades, I have to wait for a chest to receive more money or play previous missions to be able to fully pay. I don’t like that part, because if I play previous missions all my lives will go away and I’ll have to wait longer to get them and be able to play the current mission.

I really liked the game I give it 5 stars for many reasons. 1 is offline 2. I don’t know it bugs 3. it doesn’t crash. 4. It has good playability once setting the sensitivity of the sight. 5 decent graphics for what the game weighs. With these reasons I give it 5 stars since many games do not meet these requirements. I will only give some recommendations for future updates. 1. That they add more weapons and visual improvements on the characters. 2 an FPS-style game mode that you can move.

Excellent!! for me it is the best game, it is addictive, the good thing about the story mode that does not require an internet connection, good graphics, characters, excellent gameplay, various game modes I give it 5 stars, I hope they release the second part or give it continuity of the stories I finished it and I want to continue playing, those 5 stars are well deserved!!!

I have no words. This is a very exciting game. I love it, the resolution, the speed is not stuck, you can play without an internet connection, if you connect to the internet you can also play for skirmishes and level up. Everything is perfect. The only thing they need to improve is the peck bonuses, the rest of the money and gold is going super well, it’s hard to get the weapons and the characters but it’s worth spending the 75 gold to get there. The missions are awesome. This game is worth it.

The game is the best, the animation, the effects and the sound. The rewards are good. The only thing I don’t understand is why I want to watch videos connected to earn extra things and it doesn’t allow me and that they give very few cards to do the extra missions.


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