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An excellent game, it has improved a lot, it has problem services, that is, if someone is playing on your account they will help you eliminate that person, account recovery, ETC. Something that I did not like is the “pairing” because even though I play well there are people who have towers at a higher level than mine, this makes it more difficult for me and for other players to reach another arena than in my case it is fighters 2.

Good game, at the beginning it is very entertaining to be able to go up from the arena, get new cards and discover new synergies. But over time the game becomes very monotonous and gets stuck at a certain level of cups because even if you have a lot of skill, your level of cards or king’s tower does not allow you to beat other players. The game is updated often, but with poor quality updates and little content. If you are a new player the battle pass is very helpful.

The game is great. What bothers me is when the party mode has to be played in a duo, there are players who just don’t play when they enter or leave. A sanction would be nice or an option to report. Out of 10 random duo games, 4 do not leave the game, which is frustrating since you cannot leave the game if you want to continue playing, you have to wait.

The game is really good, because it is updated once a month, and apart from the challenges. The problem is that there are several times when the games are uneven, because I have had to play with users of higher arenas or higher levels than me, this has been somewhat tedious for me, I only hope that this is solved, but from there outside all good.

It’s a good game, but with each update; the imbalance of the cards is more noticeable. The unfair nerf to cards that were very well balanced against each other is also a problem. Another suggestion would be: in 2vs2; when the partner leaves the game, the one who stays alone can manipulate the other deck and thus face the rivals (because alone it is almost impossible)

It is a very good game, which can become addictive. Only with the latest updates the game doesn’t run very well on low-end phones anymore. It has good mechanics, the 1vs1 and 2vs2 combats are very fun, although there comes a point where the game can become very repetitive considering if you only play it for fun. Ladder matchups aren’t that bad, however in clan wars it’s very lopsided, and because of this hardly anyone likes to participate.

The truth is that it is a good game, it has a lot of playability and a large number of players which allows a good gaming experience, however, there are small details that if they were fixed would make a big difference, an example of these cases is the incorrect pairing with users of 2 or more levels and/or arenas which usually annoys a lot since there are disadvantages such as the fact of the level of the cards and the life of the opposing tower, it would be a good progress to fix such cases, thanks.

The game itself is beautiful, I love the gameplay, the games, how each battle happens, the combat methods, the graphics and others, everything is fine from my point of view, and I’ve been playing it for about 3 years, only bad is the pairing. I don’t like how it is because sometimes it’s very unfair and it becomes tedious, and as you go along it gets worse, because I, for example, have a deck of cards at 12, and two at 13, and the tower at 13, and they touch me with level 14 tower enemies and everything to the maximum

The game is very good, It’s my favorite game, They offer a fixed balance change every 2 months, Although one of the problems of the game is how is the matchmaking system, The game sometimes to match as quickly as possible always puts you at people of a higher level (or very sometimes lower) and does not balance the level of cards with that of the opponent and makes the fun of playing in EQUALITY and using the strategy based on it lose, when they fix it, if not even the counter issue is to.

I give it 3 stars because it is a piece of strategy game, the only drawback is that it costs a lot to level up each card once you pass 10/11, and once you reach 5000 cups you already find all the decks to 14 and it’s frustrating. My experience is more pleasant in the challenges and game modes in which all the cards are leveled, there at least there is no one at a disadvantage 🙂

It’s a good game, and unlike their early days, they’ve taken a lot of measures for new players to get their cards up faster like card books and wild cards. But despite that, the creators never decide with the balance of the cards. Each balance update affects the META of the game in a way that forces you to max out other cards that are better than the ones you were used to. As well as putting in a ridiculous amount of experience to max lvl.


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