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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!! It is an incredible game, very entertaining and adaptable to your time, it requires a lot of strategy, I have been playing it for 7 years and without any problem or complaint yet, you can get the premium currency (Gems) for free, which makes this game quite adaptable , receives constant updates and takes into account the opinions of the community. SIMPLY INCREDIBLE.

It is a very entertaining game, It has many fun events and an increasingly high level of difficulty. After the update I saw an error that shows on the balloon of the capital as if you had 5 attacks every time you open the game although you have already done them, it is not serious but it would be good to solve it. Otherwise 10/10 many complain about the improvement time. Yes, it is tedious. But in the end it is the one that allows us to learn to use each troop and strategy for each level of Th.

This app is incredible, I’m going through town hall 9 and I’m not bored! But I want to give you some suggestions that would help improve the game. 1: Improve the obstacle shovel, it is very useless and you can only move one obstacle, it is also very, very rare to find, hopefully it can move at least 5 obstacles 2: that the resources of the builder base are not so rare, the prices are exaggerated there 3 reduce the waiting time for an upgrade, 4 days for the jump spell like no 😥.

Excellent game! The only defect that I find is that as you advance in the main village, 5 builders are too short considering the number of days that each improvement costs, I am noticing it now in th12. The resource stores explode and I can’t do anything for several days, it ends up being desperate. One thing that would be nice is: being able to schedule improvements, for when one is finished, and start with another and at least not waste time while you sleep (for example).

I have only two problems; the game is fine, but it bothers a bit the error that appears that one has 5 attacks from the weekends of the capital when they have already been used, and second, when choosing members for the war, I wish it were better polished the system, such as being able to see the last accesses, be able to filter them in some way and show other data in the screen of selecting members for the war. Only that, the game is beautiful, keep improving it!

Very good game, it is very well done and it is good to entertain. The only flaw that I see is that when you get to town halls like ten and more, everything costs an awful lot of money and time, and it almost takes a year or more to go from town hall with everything maxed out. For example, at level 11, upgrading defense rockets costs 6,000,000 and 9 days. Other than that it’s perfect and I love it.

It is a highly recommended if you like real-time strategy games and also the functions of the latest update improve it a lot. A suggestion for the development team is that, if possible, the star bonus resources could be collected separately, for example if I do not have gold but I have full elixir stores, I can only collect the gold that I have in the clan castle . (It’s an idea but I leave it to your discretion to put it or not).

It is a good game, it is entertaining only that there is a problem. One of them is that in the battles if the internet is changed or the operator is passed, the game tells me that there is a connection error and I am not able to send all the troops and when I re-enter I do not enter the battle but the field and my battle is lost. That makes you lose cups. I ask you to please fix this problem. That if the Internet goes down, the game will let me continue the battle when I come back on.

GAME. Rewarding and addictive real-time strategy, since you start you want to improve your troops and buildings with the hope of reaching the top. What if it is that, if it is to make trouble, I understand that at the highest levels it is necessary to make it clear that there is a higher cost, but having to spend 7 million on a single wall seems excessive to me. Everything else is perfect, the upgrade times are well adapted to the level and the buildings are fairly priced. 5⭐

Excellent! A spectacular and entertaining game, but it is true about some reviews…that it takes a long time to build after a long time playing, I think that several would love it if they reduced a little, at least the constructions of weeks, a few hours or maybe one day, but construction, there are many things you can do to not get bored such as events, clan wars and more, I recommend it but I wish the time was reduced. I hope that several think the same, thanks for reading.

The game is very good and very entertaining. The new update makes it much easier to obtain resources to improve buildings, however, even if we have the resources, sometimes there are no free builders for several days.


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