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It’s a good game, it has a wide variety of cars and a wide variety of things to customize them, it hasn’t given me any failures or anything like that, for me it’s the best car-themed open world game out there, that it is a bit difficult to make a lot of money without recharging. I think it lacks cars such as old muscle cars, sedans, hatbacks, Coupes and so on. It would only be that from then on the game is a gem.

Very entertaining game I love it I just ask for a couple of things that the creators should put. 1, I would like all cars to have the hood open because it only opens on very few. 2, it would also be great if the seasons change, that it rains that it snows, that it makes ice and that this influences the traction of the car just like with the snow if they did that the game would be more realistic and finally that the windshield would work. All this helps make the game better thanks.

The game is very entertaining and addictive and with a wide variety of cars and trucks, I would like to be able to change the interior design of the vehicles such as new steering wheels, gear shift levers, handbrakes, digital speedometers, exhaust pipes to change the sound of the vehicle, different models of side mirrors, also that it can be slipstreamed, and that a racing mode be added in the campaign mode and more extension of the map and curves to drift.

Do not hesitate to install this game. The graphics are excellent, the experience is very good, in the different driving modes. Something to highlight are the interior and exterior of the cars… In terms of physics and realism, it is very good but they could continue to improve it. This game has quite a lot of potential to become one of the best.

It is very good game! They can add more spaces in the sales so more cars enter for those who want to sell, being able to move the controls, and the Spanish language option, why I want to save my progress and I don’t understand the English form and an option to that we can have up to two cars of the same model and brand.

I quite like the game, it’s fun and entertaining, I would like that there were more customization options, like mirror mode, that what you do on one side appears on the other, there is a small error when deleting a design layer, if you want to add a new one, it will appear in the number of the deleted layer, making you tedious to design when you should delete guides, and it would be nice if you could customize the hud, excellent game.

Car parking is an excellent game, one of my favorites, if they continue as they are, this could become the Minecraft of cars due to its great potential and freedom. However there are many things to correct, like the hacks for more money, the glitches that make the cars run more, the porn designs since there are many children in the game and this ruins the gaming experience. Another thing that would be good is to add more recreational things to do, since sometimes it gets repetitive.

The game is very good, it is entertaining to tune up a wide variety of vehicles that the game has, it has errors like any other game that do not affect the gameplay, I would like them to add a speaker or radio to listen to music while driving and it would be nice if one Choose what music to put through a youtube link or some converter or something like that, it’s just an idea, but the game itself is very good, I hope and add a radio later.

The game is excellent but I would like them to add more maps because it is boring to play on a map that I already know correctly, and I would like them to add long-distance online races, that is, the race is for 6 players and lasts a long time , that goes from the desert to the cities with big money prizes. That would be all very good game, recommended.

The truth is that I really liked the game, it has a bit of role-playing and good cars, but for role-playing it is very good, perhaps they could add more jobs, more ways to modify the vehicle, the suspensions, and this is a point that I criticize a lot and it is the sound of the cars i was really disappointed in the supra engine i wish they could work on the car sounds and give them a tweak. Another point would be the flame of the exhausts, the “Shot” exhaust should expel more flames. Other than that guys, great game.

It’s the best car game I’ve ever played, I would really like it if they put neon lights, a roll cage, a rally area, better car sounds and maybe another way to earn money in the future. But at the moment the game is very good and I highly recommend it for its playability, its graphics and the dynamics it has.


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