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Sensational, I love it, but unfortunately every time that passes they make it more difficult, not in the game strategy, but in the benefits that we have, for example, before there was no limitation for them to give you lives, first 30 and now 20, besides The friends you added don’t appear, you can’t see their profile either, and a series of details that sometimes take away my desire to play, it’s a shame because at the beginning it was spectacular, bad for you.

At the beginning of the game everything seems simple, simple and boring. But as you pass levels and reach higher levels, the interesting thing about the game begins because it is no longer just playing, having to know how to make your movements since the movements are more limited and at each level it changes, the truth is that my experience has been unique and if you ask me if it is recommended, I recommend it, it is an entertaining and very interesting game. Congratulations to the creator.

It has been completely damaged. But I think the idea is to keep playing, not to make the game so difficult and impassable at each level, so that you can continue with enthusiasm… Many get discouraged from losing so much. And there is no way to receive prizes… The Potensbors should always be there… Now they even control the number of daily lives. I really don’t recommend it and I hope you read to improve… Another thing, read these comments, how is it possible that 2 different people write the same thing?

Super relaxing many levels, I really love this game, it’s nice, it has the option to turn off the music, I love it I just can’t stop playing it, plus you can play with your friends and they can lend you lives so to speak, it’s creative it also has many colors, different types of bosster, everything is super cool there is simply no better juice plus there are many sagas, it’s super cool, 🤙🏼 I love playing it with my friends it’s just great 🤙.

It’s good, I see that in the comments they complain about levels etc. The levels get more difficult as you go up and Sometimes you can’t put things on them to help you Those who uninstalled this and reinstalled it And they simply have nothing It’s His cell why I did it and I had all friends candies level lives etc The levels are not so difficult it’s a matter of practice. I recommend it.

Very good game, they must modify when reinstalling that it not only saves the level and the gold bars, but also the Boosters. I had more than 30 w/booster and all of them were deleted. Because he doesn’t keep them and the truth is it takes time to get each one.

I’ve played it a long time ago and I think it’s excellent. I am currently at level 4453. And I found a loop or an error that in the lower left part the option to create sweet explosive is generated. But when it explodes it creates another one and so it stays in a cycle and does not advance from there.

I like it. I’m not much of a mobile gamer, but it’s fun, and it helps me improve my peripheral vision and make quick decisions. There are somewhat stressful parts, but they help to think of alternatives to the same route. Very good game.

It is a very cool game, it clears your mind and makes you relax, it makes you think a lot, this game is about a lot of movement and a lot of fights, if you are not aware of that, you lose the game against the rest of the participants and they win and you end up losing and he has to continue and continue with the same level because of a lot of intelligence and smoothness of the fingers and of the mind that is aware of what the levels are like and makes it possible to win the game quickly and continue advancing many levels.

The direction the game is taking is nonsense. First they release a functionality to make friends with close progress (and logically get lives) and then limit the number of lives received to 20 per day. I hope the PO or PM who invented this will rectify it soon, or else it will be a Feature Flag and they will load it quickly. In 10 years playing I had not seen so many problems.

Excellent!!! I love this game, I’ve been playing it for years, before it let me see ads and gave me rewards, but it hasn’t given me that opportunity for a long time, I would like them to fix that, or what am I doing wrong to not deserve it? And I’m still in the same …. I don’t get a chance to watch commercials to get boosters or help, no movements … I wish they would fix this.

I like the game because when I was little I played it a lot but I uninstalled it, until now I searched for it and it has changed a bit but nothing to do with it, the game is very entertaining and fun, it is a mix of puzzle and strategy, as the levels go up It gets a bit more difficult, in itself the game is relaxing, that’s why I gave it 5 stars.

In my opinion it’s quite an entertaining game, the design is phenomenal, and I kind of like how the ads just overlap to get some reward, instead of popping out randomly. I really like the game.


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