TOP 10 High Graphics Car Racing Games For Android 2022

TOP 10 High Graphics Car Racing Games For Android 2022, Racing games for Android phones are experiencing a second resurgence, currently there are very complete titles and with graphics that have little to envy to consoles. We’ve compiled nine titles that you can download to your smartphone now.

Car Racing Games

If speed is your thing, this is your collection of games for Android devices. In the Play Store there are a lot of High Graphics Car Racing Games For Android 2022, but most of them have outdated mechanics or, for example, are too arcade to be enjoyable.

High Graphics Car Racing Games For Android 2022

We have set out to create a compilation of new titles that includes both realistic games and some designed to offer pure fun. Our recommendation is that you let yourself be guided by the videos that we have linked to and download the one you like the most.

Of course, over the next few weeks we will continue to release compilations of games. If cars don’t catch your eye, don’t despair. In the next collection of games for Android devices it will be time to talk about another genre of games.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 already falls into the category of driving simulators. This game has some amazing graphics, but the best of all is that it is designed to identify the real circuits and, above all, enjoy cars that exist in real life.

NFS : No Limits

Need For Speed is one of the classic High Graphics Car Racing Games For Android 2022. It is clear that it is not a recommended title for those looking for realism or feel like in a simulator, but it is a very complete game and with which to enjoy for hours.

Mario Kart Tour

The Mario Kart Tour could not be missing in this compilation, this game is an essential title. The best thing about this game is that you can challenge yourself with your friends and strangers, it is a perfect game to play in company and forget everything.

Rebel Racing

Rebel Racing has very accomplished physics and a large number of vehicles ranging from sports cars to vans designed to go cross country. It’s a really interesting game, although you may have to give it a chance to get it to conquer you.

Beach Buggy Racing 2

We went from the seriousness of F1 Mobile Racing to the self-confidence of Beach Buggy Racing 2. This title is made not to think and simply get on a buggy on the beach to try to beat your rivals, although if you do not get it then nothing happens either.

F1 Mobile Racing

F1 Mobile Racing is made for Formula 1 lovers. In this game the races are held on the typical circuits and, in addition, there are practically all the bodies. It’s the best game for those who want to feel like a Formula 1 driver.

Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally 3 is a game for those who are fans of speed, but are looking for muddy terrain and difficult to control. The truth is that it is a game that is quite well achieved and, in addition, has good graphics and mechanics.

Asphalt 9: Legends

In any compilation about games you can not miss the Asphalt 9: Legends. This game is one of the most downloaded on Android phones, in fact, account has a fairly large popularity. The best thing about this game is that its mechanics are simple, the games are fast and it is very nice to see.

Rally Racer Dirt

Rally Racer Dirt follows in the wake of the previous title, although it does so in a somewhat more trimmed way. If what you are looking for is to play some games without many complications and, above all, that you can do it on a somewhat more restrained phone this is the game to download.

Grid Autosport

This is the case of Grid Autosport, an impressive car game that pretends to be a simulator traced to reality‎‎. Its graphics are spectacular and its gameplay is the best you will find, it looks like a console game! It is undoubtedly worth its price of 10 euros, and it is, today, ‎‎the best High Graphics Car Racing Games For Android 2022 in terms of gameplay, graphic quality and realism.‎

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