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The game has the essence of the PC game and I love it. But just like the pc one, I hope they don’t make the same mistakes of bad servers, lack of optimization and sound that are in the game. I prefer rather that they optimize the game very well and be 3 seasons with the same content to a game with varied but poorly optimized content, hence I give them their missing star.

A very colorful game, with interesting aspects and features. It mirrors the Apex Legends PC version. In terms of performance, I notice it is quite fluid, they have achieved a decent optimization, when it comes to playing it feels good, the weapons I can notice that each one has a different amount of damage and cadence. The weapons I can say that they are very good, but they should place weapons with a greater range, it is a very large map and you cannot shoot from a long distance.

I think it needs a little optimization for lower mid and upper mid range phones, there are low fps and it hangs a bit when you’re falling in BR, also textures hang a bit at that time. The device heats up a bit more, even when everything is on low, graphics and fps rate. Aim sensitivity and while aiming feels a bit rough, little jerks from side to side, doesn’t look or feel smooth when moving the scope. And the pin does not go below 100 ms.

At the moment everything is going well, the game has great graphics and its legends have great playability, but I noticed that it has very few rewards in terms of leveling up but I suppose that over time they will add things to it with the seasons, I can’t find it no problem. And I loved that it had an option to put the classic controls (similar to those of CODM that’s what I think), I hope that other people find this comment useful, have a good day.

Let’s remember that it is a first version, obviously it will not have 100 everything that a mobile game has, but I have loved it so far, the gameplay, the ease of some prizes, in terms of graphics maybe if it could improve some points I don’t know if it’s in all the seasons below but it’s easy to get characters, I’ve been waiting for this game for months because I had good expectations and it hasn’t disappointed me in any of them. I highly recommend it.

It seems to me that the game is better than the current Call Of Duty: Mobile in many aspects, especially the optimization of graphics and movement of the game (Lag) that is null in this game. The weight is very reasonable and the playability is very good. Although I have had certain problems such as when I point the camera it tends to get stuck. But otherwise this game is excellent.

I love the mechanics, the graphics, the gameplay and an experience that I haven’t gotten in other games on the market. But it has bugs, unfortunately it is not very well polished in optimization and there are still bugs, although not as many as before, the game itself has almost just come out so if there is time to fix it and make Apex one of the best games in the market.

As for the good things, I can say that it is a good game, it is frenetic, fun, it has a wide variety of weapons and legends, it came to refresh the world of mobile video games and that is appreciated. But lately there are many bugs, the voices of the characters are not according to what is done, sometimes a character says the lines of another of the team, for example if he is healing, there are sudden drops in fps, although the performance problem is fixed a bit in this latest update.

Excellent gaming experience, of the mobile games similar to this one that I have tried, I personally liked this one the most. The only but that I would put is that when one is falling from the plane reaching the ground, it lags for a few moments (I use a Poco x3 pro). Lately it has happened to me about 5 times that when I enter the game the buttons that appear in the room are superimposed, and it does not let the character move.

The game is very entertaining, and good graphics. I don’t give it 5 stars for the following reasons: 1) At the moment of the jump, when the character is about to land, it stops, it’s about 0.5 seconds when it stays completely still. Sometimes when I am against other players it also lags and even when I use certain sniper scopes it is very slow. 2) I have played every day since it came out, I have completed the missions of the pass but I have not completed the pass even once.

It is a very good game, many memories with the old map. But the truth is that the graphics have to be improved and the maps (Olympus) and others, etc., must be changing every hour. But I give it all the stars because it is very same as the console game, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, but the game is very good.


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