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Quite entertaining and addictive, but the progression feels “paused”, that is, there are periods when you stall for 3 or more days and then you advance a lot in a few minutes. Feels quite flexible about FTP as no micropayments are needed to progress, BUT, the “micropayments” out there are not worth it due to high prices and little return on investment, something that has made me desist from spending money in the game.

Entertaining game, stays glued to it for a long time. I like the story, the forest, the scenes, characters, enter a different world, super good, it is applicable to entertain yourself while waiting for a date, or while you want to change activities, so welcome, to use your strategy in the game , it is best to use the characters combined with those of strength and those of magic, thus advancing and conquering the different levels, it helps to get out of the monotony of day to day.

Very entertaining… I like it a lot, but I have a hard time progressing because in most events when I start playing it starts to slow down until it stops completely or the game closes suddenly… It’s very stressful that problem. If you can do something to prevent this from happening, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks and keep it up!

It’s a great game, I really loved it, you just have to be patient, at first you advance like crazy and get hooked, but then it’s just doing daily things and then forgetting about the game and collecting the rewards they give you for being afk until they reach you to improve your team and then just keep moving forward, but that’s what I’m saying, just be patient Other than that it’s fine, they change the meta and other mechanics practically not, but they tend to add new things from time to time.

Honestly, I didn’t expect much due to the conditions my team is in, but my experiences are bad. The image quality is quite good even fantastic, the interaction between the heroes is quite curious although the benefits are unlocked as you level up it is not too difficult to climb. The towers and labyrinths are quite entertaining and they provide you with equipment to overcome them, it is only a matter of reading carefully and overcoming them. The heroes are.

For me it is an exceptional game since it is not an ethical Pay to win game but it requires you to advance on your own and your time so it asks for dedication because it is a fairly complete game and the constant updates are new experiences that are worth trying also that its interface is comfortable and pleasing to the eye, I must say that the time I’ve been playing for quite a long time and therefore I’m not bored yet, it has a pretty jevi and healthy community.

It’s really a good game, at first it didn’t catch my attention but I decided to give it a try and it didn’t disappoint me at all, it has a fun gameplay as well as a way of explaining new things that makes you really understand and adapt to him, they block things at the beginning so that you do not get saturated trying to adapt, really a good game.

Usually I don’t usually stay in the games for a long time, but for the first time I’ve been playing for more than half a year xD, totally recommended 🤭✨ There are no announcements 💙 and a good dynamic, with events and a short rest period for another event. Highly recommended ✌️

The game is good 😎👍, mainly because of the number of ascents that the heroes have, which makes it very entertaining. Another thing that makes the game very entertaining is that there are many mini-games and you never get bored because you always have something to do, whether it is advancing in the campaign mode to get diamonds and promote your heroes to fight in world tournaments. That’s why, in my opinion, the game is quite good.

I update my opinion again, really a wonderful game. But I have my complaints and that is why under one star, being able to buy something in the store is impossible if you are not someone with money (prices are very high), and getting specific characters is still very complicated because not even with a print run of 3000 is it an insured, being able to get the violet powder is also another martyrdom of the game. If only they could improve these aspects I would be grateful.

It’s an excellent game that starts strong and you get hooked on it, you can spend a few hours. And over time that strength decreases but not the desire to continue playing, more moderate but fun. There are always events every season of the year, they sometimes give away heroes or resources and if you want better help there are youtubers I recommend them Dev strike if you have a sarcastic humor and something black but if you prefer something more moderate Mortas game is a good option. A new beginning. I came back after so long, I see that they have changed a lot, I like that they are making it easier to get heroes and diamonds, I can say that it is not 100% P2W.


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