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At the moment the game has a problem and the game crashes, I bought the other levels to see if it unlocks the hero, but nothing remains the same. It’s an excellent game, it attracts you and doesn’t complicate your life, as you progress its difficulty also increases, but it gives you a chance to understand the game and its graphics are also perfect.

I would like to give a better opinion of this RPG, it is good, but, it has a huge problem with the companion, our fight assistant is only useful for you to be killed for crossing, there is no tutorial or manual to sell the items or how to get rid of them, the characters cannot be balanced separately, everything is a mixed bag, on the other hand, sometimes the game crashes and then you have to close the app to be able to exit and enter to play again.

The game is very good but there is much to be done, it needs to have more companions, whether they are a magician archer or a murderer, also the faults are that the game crashes and you have to exit the game and re-enter so that something else works, details are missing character since when he attacks he does not give them certain enemies and the camera is mediocre apart from that nothing thanks for reading.

Excellent game only that when the ad is seen they don’t give the rewards if they can fix that little problem the game would be amazing And there is still the problem of the reward for watching the video. I loved the game. It is light and the gameplay is fluid and entertaining, however I have fallen completely short since you have to pay for the other acts, which I do not have the possibility of, and since it does not allow me to move forward or backward, I am forced to uninstall the game and quit. It would be excellent if they corrected that and if they are going to charge, it should be for content such as weapons and special equipment, not for the levels.

Exquisite gameplay, well-executed scenario environment, acceptable graphics and very good performance. The plot of the story is very “readable”, plus there are many game dynamics, from a “trial” with a horse to fights between the protagonist and X characters. A rich variety in the soundtrack according to the environments. The monetization of the following acts is very profitable. I recommend the game one hundred percent.

If I could give the 3 1/2 stars, but anyway… despite the fact that it has good graphics, gameplay, statistics, history, skill control, honestly it is a somewhat uneven game with respect to its enemies since when you are in Normal mode, the monsters/enemies that are supposed to be balanced enough to be beaten but challenging enough, at a certain point it’s too much and then you’re already starting from the save point. That’s it for now.

This game is unbelievably good! It has a decent story, huge stages, good gameplay, good graphics, fair upgrade system. I only have one request, it would be great if I could use a shield, and not only as a team, because although it raises the character’s statistics, I think it would be more useful if it could be used as a weapon, do you explain?, because it would make the character more useful, I think that they should add it to the game mechanics, but everything else is fine.

I congratulate you for the game, the skill system that allows the player to develop the character to his liking and is not limited by class was well thought out, the system to reset the character is excellent, the environments are attractive to the eye and the controls are easy to operate; It seems to me that the melee class is much more complicated than the distance attack classes (archer or mage), I don’t know if it will become easier later on, but its beginning is more difficult. I give it 5 stars.

It is worth every penny. It is very well set, it has thousands of objects, very entertaining mini-games (they are not mandatory to continue the story), the translation is a bit lacking. The best Adventure & Hack and Slash game on the Store. It would be nice if at the end of the story you can move freely on the map to continue doing dungeons.

I loved it, although it was difficult for me. It is for more experienced people in this type of games. However, I think it’s very well done, it’s fun, captivating, addictive, exciting and with graphics that, although they’re not the best I’ve seen, go quite well. What to say, it is very rewarding to play it, even if they add an easy difficulty, for those who are starting.

It is perfect! Finally a “Devil type” ideal for mobile, everything is great! The controls are the best for mobile, although maybe 8 skills around the action button are too many, maybe some, healing or activatable type, should go at the bottom of the screen. It has incredible potential and although it is now an offline RPG, hopefully in the future it will also be Multiplayer. You do not stop improving it and although the new chapters cost some money, it is worth it and it is a ridiculous price.


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