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The in-game experience is wonderful and it’s unbelievable how similar it is to billiards 🎱 in real life. I would only like that the app does not have to be restarted every so often when you leave it for a moment and in the “9 ball” and “without guide” tables that the default bet amount is the minimum, because I always enter and by accident I bet very high amounts and lose them; and that prizes are won more often in roulette because I’ve been playing for 2 years without winning anything yet.

Despite the fact that hacks are still present, I change my opinion since the game has been updated and the amount has decreased. They should probably improve the rare moves, eg. pocketing white or black unintentionally very rarely making you lose games. On the other hand, seeing the possibility of further extending the term of the Winstreak events, for those of us who work 8 hours a day, it is difficult to have enough time to take out the cue at its maximum level. Thank you!

Completely artificial difficulty: Nobody is fooled into believing that the game is truly online, the only reason why the connection is mandatory is to put ads every so often, neither PC games nor AAA consoles find games that fast and less with people The other side of the world. You can’t have a win streak because they automatically put a matchup against a bot that doesn’t allow a single shot to be taken in the entire match just to make the player lose.

Firstly, I feel that it has a lot of advertising that appears out of nowhere and is annoying, in addition to all the challenge notifications from the players, on the other hand the hackers of many players who cannot even be reported, and another thing is a warning at the beginning game that I don’t understand because I don’t do anything, it’s hard for you to advance because of the amount of coins you collect and well those cheats and they make you lose games out of nowhere and suspiciously, many things to improve.

It is a great and very addictive game, the only problem is that every time it returns to the start menu it bombards you with all its advertising again and when you finish a game it does not leave you at the level you were at, it sends you to the maximum level that you can play and it’s annoying to be looking again where you left off.

It hurts the creator that you win, it makes you lose all the time, this makes the game less competitive, and they keep you under 1000 almost all the time. I mean if you have to be thankful that they give you bonuses, in addition the filter is the same players. And it shouldn’t be the app. You fall down if nothing, I have been leaving 1000 coins for days and I have not been able to, it is understood that you have to earn money but there will be other ways,

The game is very well developed, the only unpleasant thing is that at some tables there are too many hackers, which makes it a bad experience when playing at certain tables, but apart from that, it is very good, I have been playing for a long time and I find it fun and I want to add a problem that I have had and it is that it does not let me buy the pool pass I do not know the reason other purchases if it allows me but the pool pass is not as if the option was not enabled.

It is a very good game, despite having lost the other account due to details that I consider unfair, I admit that they have taken the trouble to make a great game. I hope that soon improvements can be made in terms of chat, it would be nice if you can choose to use the phrases before the emoticons… on the other hand it would be great if instead of closing the accounts, we are given the opportunity to recover them: even if it is give a penalty, but do not close them definitively.

It seems unfair to me that when I play with opponents of a higher level than mine, they win because they have a super cue bought, which practically plays alone, they don’t even have to worry about aiming and they always put in one or two, leaving the white well placed to make a accurate shot, a while ago I played with a level 158 in Tokyo, I scored six in a row, when I go for the last one, it wouldn’t let me aim well, it went too far and that’s how time ran out and I lost.

I think it’s good but there are several errors #1 is that when you win a certain amount of coins you are put by a superior rival of a higher level or in a large bet sometimes it happens that when you are going to pocket the 8 ball the time runs very fast or the internet goes and even if you put the ball # 8 the rival wins please correct these errors.

Fewer and fewer pool points are given at the tables, so progress in the POOL PASS is very slow and makes it boring, I want to recommend something and I hope you take it into account, it would be the more games you win in a row, the more pool points you increase until a clear limit, but that it does reach the points that they give to newcomers, and in the trophy competition that they match you with those of your level, not with rookies since they offer them double or triple pool points.


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