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Very good game, they should expand it more like new apartments, new objects and missions, new offices and more interaction with things. But in itself, the game is very good for those of us who like the hack theme, I give this beauty 5 stars.

The game is decent, although in the translation into Spanish there are errors and bad translation, and also a detail that they put is that when the objective appears, clicking on it takes you directly to the store where you must buy the objective, hopefully understand me, otherwise the game is neither so good nor so bad, it’s decent.

Very good game, but as an apprentice hack script programmer I must say that it doesn’t look like anything xd, just like in the movies, in the movies it’s like super epic and in real life it’s putting 20 codes so that the put0 kali Linux tells you that it can’t find the damn file because it has a .tt and not a .bat I hate when that happens.

The truth is that the game is better than I expected, it has what was promised, you can be a programmer, or a hacker, the only thing I ask you to do is to add more things to the hacker and just like the hacker, also the programmer but discarding everything Previous , the game is quite entertaining and as I said before, it brings everything promised, that’s why I boto ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I play the truth.

I give it 3 stars because the prices are very high and when you buy the smartphone you think you will be able to use it but not apart from the fact that it costs a lot it is useless.

It is an understandable game, very entertaining, and fun, just a suggestion. I would like that in a future update. They added the hands of the character… so that when he writes. Give a more realistic touch to the game. Everything else is fine. Ahhh!!! And the ads, they are not annoying .. From time to time you find one. Everything else is fine😎, I hope the creators of the game take my suggestion into account. And please if you listen to her. Do not damage the game by placing unnecessary things on it.

I love simulation, I want to see many games like this, I am also a programmer and I want to create a truck simulator but that will be very difficult in the future. It is a beautiful game, only that I would like us to be able to see the character in the chair and that they give us more tasks, but the rest is fine, I would like them to read my opinion, that is why 4 stars.

Very good game I liked it a lot I already reached the end, my opinion is that they should add an update in which more things come like moving to dubai or an expensive, nice and spacious place to put more things like three monitors and that all of them can be used ,since the secondary monitor is useless and that they make minigames since one gets bored, I already put an end to it and I have more than 100M of money but I cannot spend it on anything I would like to reach level 100 and that there are new things , very good game.

The game is very good but I give it 4 stars because every time they play a commercial, because in the hacker store there are very few things to buy and also because there are not so many missions at the headquarters, for example, every 7 days they give me a mission at the headquarters Please let the creators of the game see this message and fix what I wrote in the message and I highly recommend this game, it is very fun.

Well, giving a more serious opinion about the game is quite acceptable and it’s good to play. As for aspects to improve, maybe an optimization in the animations of typing in the “PC” would be good, since it is something not very fun. Add puzzles or something related to it. And otherwise the interface and everything else is pretty good. I will continue playing the game until I finish it and greetings 👋.

I edited my review because the game finally opened for me, I tried it and it’s a very good game highly recommended for people bored of playing the same things. The truth is a great game, it’s quite fun, I loved the mechanics. And I have an idea to improve if you want: That in some hacks there is a hacker-type minigame to do it. It would be very good, really, but with what it has, 10/10.

The game is excellent, but I have something that I don’t like once they finish their work, my slaves say that the money is sent to my bank account, but that’s not the case, I simply send it and the money never arrives, another thing is that I would like them to add other things to make the game longer, since it is a life simulator, it has to be super long to finish the game. The rest is very good in my opinion.

The game is perfect but it needs more computers and more things to buy. I would like them to add more missions and in the hacking part add more things to buy, I also want them to extend the game more because in 1 or 2 hours you finish the game and then you just end up accumulating money, and another thing add more levels because There is only up to 50. I hope that the next update will add something similar to what I said.


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